N95 Protective Face Mask

Anti-pollution N95 Face Mask with 5 layers of protection against airborne particles like viruses, dust, pollen, mists, etc. This N95 mask has enough space around the mouth area to make breathing easier. It also comes with a stitched-in adjustable nose pin for a proper fit around the nose. The N95 mask is ideal for both men and women.

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    FFP2 N95 Protective Mask by Care view offers 6-layer filtration and protects you against viruses, bacteria, and pollution. It has a particulate filtration efficiency of more than 95% and is leak-proof and anti-smog. FFP2 N95 Protective Mask With 6-Layer Filtration-Layer-wise benefits are:

    • Layer 1: Hydrophobic Spun bond SSS Grade (50 GSM)
    • Layer 2: 1st Melt-blown (25 GSM)
    • Layer 3: Hot air cotton (60 GSM)
    • Layer 4: 2nd Melt-blown (25 GSM)
    • Layer 5: SSMS Filter Hydrophilic layer (25 GSM)
    • Layer 6: Hydrophilic Spun bond SSS Grade (25 GSM)
    • Mask Type N95, Reusable
    • Dimensions 16 x 1 x 10 cm
    • Material PP spun bond (43.9 GSM)
    • Size Universal
    • Color Blue, Green, Dark Blue
    • Certification NIOSH / EN149 /US FDA /CE / ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 / WHO GMP / EN14683
    • Shelf Life 18 Months