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The Lifeblood of Healthcare Systems requires Convenient & Reasonably Priced PPE Kits!

The Lifeblood of Healthcare Systems requires Convenient & Reasonably Priced PPE Kits!

COVID-19 -It’s not over yet

The impact of the pandemic is noticeable across the world with bodies stacking up in crematoriums as lengthy queues of ambulances outside the hospitals in almost every single city. Ministries all over the world have taken several proactive steps to end the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Practices include implementing a complete lock down of all events in the country and limiting citizens to their homes.

Experts warn – The third Wave is Inevitable

As cases from the second wave of COVID-19 resume to slash, debates of a possible third wave have begun already. Quite a few theories have appeared which claim that kids could be the most infected by the third wave of COVID-19. Eminent epidemiologists have given crystal clear signs that the third wave of Covid-19 is inescapable, and it is expected to start from September to October.

Who are Frontline Healthcare workers?

They are the lifeblood of effective health care structures. Frontline health workers play a significant role in delivering a local framework for demonstrated health solutions, and they unite communities and families to the health care systems. They are the primary and habitually the only connection to health care for millions of individuals, are comparatively reasonable to instruct and assist, and are talented in offering many life-saving involvements.

Day-to-day challenges of Frontline Healthcare Workers

Healthcare employees are functioning continuously and diligently to save the lives of patients with covid-19. Providing authentic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Frontline workers is the greatest way to ensure their safety who are risking their lives. Various Governments have released specific recommendations for the use of PPE. These recommendations are for healthcare workers and other frontline workers in accessible places such as primary health care/community settings clinics, laboratories, and quarantine centers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits – What it comprises of ?

Personal Protective Equipment or the PPE kit is performing a dynamic role in battling against this pandemic. It not only safeguards healthcare experts such as physicians, nurses, etc. but also aids to contain the spread of this fatal disease. Its sturdy design offers comprehensive protection and evades any contagion to transmit to or from the physique. Comprising of essentials including coverall, head- cover, face-shield, goggles, gloves, face mask, and footwear. It guarantees overall protection and every component of the protective gear is precisely designed to shield and defend a physique from head to toe.

The rise in demand for PPE

The governments are striving to handle the rise in demand for PPE. Several clinicians and frontline workers have tested positive for COVID-19 and the hospitals they were working at have been required to shut down to limit the epidemic.

In many countries, health officials have admitted that there is a shortage of PPE, saying that the scarcity in supply from manufacturers itself. In several provinces, healthcare employees have only been supplied with masks and gloves, but not the PPE. Physicians in numerous hospitals in the states have even declined and protested to work till they have been given an adequate supply of PPE.

Becoming leading manufacturer of PPE

There has been stable participation of various domestic companies in the manufacture of PPE over the previous weeks following in India befitting the second leading manufacturer of PPE in the world. The government has been demanding that after the initial weeks of the pandemic, PPE were only imported and there is no scarcity since the last few months as more domestic producers are now manufacturing PPE kits close to a million per day.

Supplying adequate PPE world-wide

However, the newest survey by a set of self-regulating health assistants has endorsed that frontline workers are even now not receiving these PPE kits. To tackle it successfully, Thanjavur Exports Pvt. Ltd. – one of the leading exporter in India is well equipped with the supplies in need who dynamically provide and export adequate PPE kits to healthcare industries worldwide.

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