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PPE Kits – A boon to the professionals engaging with the public every day!

PPE Kits – A boon to the professionals engaging with the public every day!

Challenging period of health care industry

The health care industry is overloaded. COVID records are rising at a rapid pace. Over 1,000 people are dying each day. The second wave of COVID infections has put the entire world in a hassle with the center and state multiplying down efforts to bring the nerve-racking situation under control. With cases endlessly and rapidly the pandemic seems to be a higher threat now that it did in the first wave.

Severity of second wave

A view at the pandemic situation in all over the world recommends that the second wave of corona virus is typically more rigorous than the first one. Let’s consider USA for example. The country witnessed its COVID peak as soon as April last year. The second peak around July was more terrible with the country recording three times as many cases as the earlier peak.

Witnessing the third peak

In January this year the third peak was even serious with the USA reaching almost 3,00,000 cases per day. Likewise in India too, the second wave has been pretty critical compared to the first one with the country now reporting around twice as many cases as it did all through the first peak.

Millions and millions of COVID cases

With the corona virus diseases scattering to several parts of the country, the increasing tally of cases is expanding quickly again. It took India nearly a couple of months to go from the Ten Million sign to Eleven Million sign in December to February when the cases were on a drop.

PPE Kits – a BOON to the professionals

Identifying at what time, at what place, and in what way to correctly use personal protective equipment (PPE) can aid save lives and reduce injuries. Personal Protective Equipment, including protective gear for eyes, face, head, and ends, protective clothing, respiratory devices, and protective guards shall be included, utilized, and sustained in a hygienic and reliable situation wherever it is essential by purpose of exposures of experiments or environment, chemical & radiological hazards, or mechanical annoyances stumble upon in a manner capable of triggering wound or weakening in the function of any part of the body through absorption, breathing or any other physical contact.

Use PPE Kits – Protect you and your loved ones

Buying and using of Personal Protective Equipment kits shouldn’t be especially a complicated process, but employers definitely need to step wisely. With high- quality & durable equipment and right training, procedures can safeguard that their employees are safe and secure — and that threats can be diminished well, even in unforeseen conditions.

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