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Coconut Farming Organically in India

Coconut Farming Organically in India

Farm fresh Organic Coconuts:

Coconuts are known for their diverse nutritional and medical values. Exploring such varied uses of coconuts, we are successfully producing high quality organic coconuts that are not only fresh, but also come with anti-cancer properties.

These coconuts are rich in iodine content, resulting in decreased probabilities of people developing goiter, an abnormality that arises due to enlarged thyroid glands.
Thanjavur Exports Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Coconuts and Coir Pith manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters in India with an enviable track record. We are involved in making high-quality range of coir pith in the global marketplace located in Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu, India) and recognized as a coir pith manufacturer in India / coir pith supplier in India. As the foremost coir pith

Suppliers we ensure that you get the best of products with quality services.

Our farm fresh organic coconuts are also known to prevent constipation and give relief from several stomach and intestinal tract related disorders. We are pride in supplying high quality farm fresh organic coconuts to various countries all over the world.

Coco Peat / Coir Pith – An ideal soil re-conditioner:

Coconut Coir Pith or Coir Dust is an organic and natural products derived from Coconut Husks and is widely used in farming. The Coco Peat/ Coir Pith is processed and dried to produce diverse products namely blocks, tablets, briquettes, etc.

It is an excellent growing medium for hydroponics or container plant growing. Coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. The aerated structure of Coir Pith enables effective usage in farming. The application in farming is due to its water absorbent property, and it acts as a superb soil conditioner.

With the assistance of our packaging experts and advanced machines, we became capable of meeting the high standard as well as customized packaging requirements of the clients. And with the support of our spacious warehouse, we are capable to meet the bulk as well as urgent requirements of the buyers.

Superior Coir Products and Eminent Shipping Services:

Our unit is managed by the professionals ensuring complete safety of the lot. Being a responsible coir pith exporter in India, we offer products in different specifications and ensure on-time shipping. As the leading coir peat suppliers, we guaranteed that you get the superior products with eminent services.

Coco Peat Blocks for Commercial and Domestic purposes:

In recent years, these peat blocks have succeeded in replacing peat moss in commercial and domestic gardens and in green houses, where they are known to induce early germination of seeds by breaking seed dormancy in almost all flowering plants and vegetable crops. They have been broadly and effectively used for lawns, orchids, bonsais and all kinds of garden plants. They also provide an exceptional growing medium for vegetables in pots, or on the ground.

Coir Pith Blocks as Soil Supplements:

We manufacture Coir pith blocks in various dimensions. The smaller one is widely used as potting medium in combination with required fertilizers and nutrients. For instance, mushroom growers around the world use pith blocks for large-scale mushroom cultivation.

These blocks also serve as soil supplements by virtue of its water-holding capacity and aeration. Their ability to reduce seed dormancy and promote early germination is made use of in floriculture and vegetable crops, and hence, have come to be regarded as valuable additions to gardens and green houses. Wet blocks are widely used in tissue culture and growing of seeding grafts.

Long lasting Coir Fiber:

We are engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of the finest quality products in the market. Curled Coir Rope is made out of matured brown Coir Fiber. The raw material is processed using sophisticated technology and is supplied in the market after rigid quality checks and is known for their strength and have long lasting practical life.

Thanjavur Exports Pvt. Ltd. is one of the highly acclaimed Coir Rope Manufacturers and suppliers. Our exporting Coconut fiber product is eco-friendly, durable & cost effective. We are reckoned as a prime natural Coir Rope Manufacturers and exporter in India.

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